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Ice Rescue

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Ice Rescue Sled

MARSARS Ice Rescue Sleds shield the
patient's body, disburse outbound rescuer's
weight and allow safer distance rescue of
the panicking victim. All sleds are one
person portable.

Ice Rescue Sled, Model IRS

MARSARS Ice Rescue Sled is a lightweight one person portable device. Unique ice rescue hull speeds response by minimizing friction. Rescue victims from safer distances.


Ice Rescue Sled, 300' Reel and Sling

The original 300' Ice Rescue Sled kit,  Model IRS Kit "A" includes our Ice Rescue Sled-Model IRS, Model T150-Ice Rescue Reel and Buoyant Rescue Sling.

IRS Kit "A"

Ice Rescue Sled, 600' Reel and Sling

Our popular 600' Ice Rescue Sled Kit, Model "IRS Kit B" includes: Model IRS-Ice Rescue Extrication Sled, 600' Ice Rescue Reel and Buoyant Rescue Sling.

IRS Kit "B"

Ice Rescue Sled, 900' Reel and Sling.

The 900' Ice Rescue Sled kit C, Model "IRS Kit C" includes: Model IRS-Ice Rescue Extrication Sled, 900' Rope Reel, and Buoyant Rescue Sling

IRS Kit "C"

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Ice Rescue Sled Storage Bag Model IRSC

Ice Rescue Sled Cover protects unit from damage while stored. Includes; hook & loop fastened entry flap, carry/lash down loops. Colors: Blue, Red, or Yellow


Ice Rescue Sled, Model IRSS

Developed as a safer, Ice Rescue Sled that reduces rescuer's physical risk. Designed to minimize patient handling and physical stress caused from extrication.


Ice Rescue Sled with 300' Reel, Sling

This MARSARS Ice Rescue Sled  kit is cost effective and easy to operate. Call today and discover why users believe our sled is the best device they ever used.

IRSS Kit "A"

Ice Rescue Sled with 550' Reel, Sling

This particular kit is used Nationwide by the U.S. Coast Guard. It was preferred over others due to it's "ease of extraction" and "gentle patient handling"

IRSS Kit "B"

Ice Rescue Sled with 850' Reel, Sling

An ever increasing amount of "Snowmobiles through ice" incidents are occurring. This kit Ice Rescue Sled kit is designed to meet the challenging demands of modern day, long distance ice rescues.

IRSS Kit "C"

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Ice Rescue Sled  Storage Bag IRSS C

Protective storage bag for the IRSS Ice Rescue Sled. Features lash-down carry handles, opened by hook & loop closure flap. Yellow top with tough black urethane bottom.


 Ice Rescue Sled Replacement Foam Edge Kit

This field replacement kit provides all the necessary tie wraps needed for connecting the Ice Rescue Sled foam tube. Specify model when ordering.


Ice Rescue Sled Replacement Runner Kit

Factory installed Ice Rescue Sled replacement runners. Made of hard coated aluminum. Features a two tiered surface for contact on new thin ice, or soft, deteriorating ice.