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Ice Rescue

MARSARS Water Rescue Systems, Inc.
155 Myrtle St.
Shelton, CT 06484 USA
USA Contents Copyright 2007-2008
MARSARS Inc. All Rights Reserved
Telephone: USA Toll Free: 866-426-2423 Voice: 203-924-7315
Fax: 203-924-4198
E-Mail: robert.davis02@snet.net

Ice Rescue Reels or Bags

All MARSARS Ice Rescue Tethers are pre
rigged, factory spliced 9mm rope. Features
include buoyant line, stainless steel thimbles
and fasteners. Most kits include land/ice
anchoring devices.
[Item Image] The "Cinch" Carabiner
Polished aluminum construction. 5000 lb.
Breaking Strength. Weights only 8.6 oz.
Overall Length: 9.37". Gate Opening: 2.36"

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