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Ice Rescue

MARSARS Water Rescue Systems, Inc.
155 Myrtle St.
Shelton, CT 06484 USA
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MARSARS Inc. All Rights Reserved
Telephone: USA Toll Free: 866-426-2423 Voice: 203-924-7315
Fax: 203-924-4198
E-Mail: robert.davis02@snet.net

Ice Rescue Throw Bags

Unlike others, most MARSARS hand line
throwing products feature a buoyant ball. It
is this unique ball that enables users to cast
rescue lines to a 150' distance or rethrow
within 20 seconds.
[Item Image] MARSARS 90' Pro Throw Bag
Pro Rescue line bags can be thrown
underarm (most accurate), side arm, or
overhand. Ball facilitates accurate, full
distance second throws.
B5 Pro+
B5 Pro+ (90')

Because we're not all experts when it comes to rescue line throwing, most of us can
appreciate the importance of having a second chance. That's why a greater number of first
responders---as well as experienced rescuers who know that unexpected circumstances can
sometimes mean the ability to make a second throw is crucial---have turned to the
MARSARS 2-in-1 Rescue Throw Bag. The only hand line throwing device that gives you the
advantage of being able to quickly make an accurate, full distance second throw, all within 20
seconds, while remaining focused on the victim.

Unique features of this popular rescue device include: yellow mesh construction bag with
carry strap, large "RESCUE" legend. A dynamic, black/yellow colored, 1800 lb strength float
rope of 3/8" (9.5 mm) diameter with attached buoyant orange ball for second attempt casting.

Rope Length: 90' (27.4M)
Rope Strength: 1800 lb. (816.4 K)
Rope Construction: 3/8" (9.5mm) Diameter Kernmantle Nylon/Polypro.
Bag Length: 14"
Bag Weight: 2.6 lb.

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